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Poor Customer support


It has been 3 years since we started using this software. I have asked for several reports and still have not received them. Many of the staff who were talking earlier are no longer available. Then there was a need to update the software, a customer care executive who called me tried for some time and it was not working, then he said that after talking to the support team, he will update the issue and clear the issue. Then I called that person many times but the answer was that the issue is not resolved. Like that, we now need a proper Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet Report. Now we are using another software for these reports. HD software we are not getting the report accurately and it is costing a very good amount for software. Many of your reports show a negative closing balance and opening balance. Similarly, we need Profit and loss and Balance sheet in normal format. No one understands the format in this software and we don't want it.

You just do one thing please search google about balance sheet then you can see a format we also need that one format. Please check and update about it.


Now we are renewing our HD Software but we did not get these types of reports then we will close this software as soon as possible.

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