If you have purchased software license key, but is now prompts for registration due to computer ID got changed. Registration is specific to the computer ID of the system. The following changes are examples that may cause the computer ID to change:

          1. Hard Drive Swap

          2. Adding Wireless Network Adapters

Follow the below steps.

  1. Click on I already have key in product registration window.
  2.  Enter your e-mail address used at the time purchase of software license.
  3. The license key would have been sent from noreply@hyperdriveinfotech.com, and would have been sent to the email on file at the time of software purchase. Search email and check the email spam filter.
  4. Enter the license key from the mail.
  5. Click on Request Activation Code. You will receive the activation code in mail.
  6. Enter the Activation Code and click on Active License.
  7. If registration fails or prompts error message, please contact customer support.