When you use any software, it is quite possible to face some performance issues in it. There are various factors that can lead to slowness in software operation.

Single System Software (Standalone)

  1. Check if Virus Protection/Antivirus software is installed in the system. Virus protection software can scan all the processes happening in the system which can impact the software performance.


  1. Go to Windows Task Manager and check your system performance. You can open Task Manager by right-clicking on Task Bar and select Task Manager (Task Bar is the bottom section of your system where you see the Windows Start button and other minimized applications). You can also open Task manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC



  1. In case CPU and Disk usage are 100% and complete Memory is being used please close the HDPOSsmart SA software and open any other application in your system. If the CPU, Disk, and Memory usage are still high then please contact your System Admin.
  2. Go to Start à Control Panel à Administrative Tools and open Event Viewer.                           

               (If you are not able to see Administrative Tools, change View by from Category to Small icons)


Under Administrative Events and System check if there is any system-related error recorded which can affect system performance. You can contact your System Admin for more details.



  1. Go to Start à Control Panel à Administrative Tools and open Task Scheduler. Under Task Scheduler Library check if there is any task running on a regular basis which can affect system performance. If you do not need these Schedulers, please go ahead and disable them.


Multiple System Software (Client-Server)

  1. Follow all the steps mentioned under Single System Software (Standalone).


  1. Check if your Client and Server system is connected through LAN (local area network/same network) or internet (different network/Static IP/No IP)


  1. If Client and Server are in LAN check if it is wired or wireless connection. If it is wired all the LAN cables should be in a good state and properly connected. If it is wireless check if there is fluctuation in connection.


  1. If Client and Server are in the different network, then check if the internet is working and is stable in both the systems. Many times, you might not notice the internet is disconnected but if there is fluctuation it can affect the software performance.


  1. System Firewall or any other Firewall software may also have an impact on performance as they take time to evaluate each packet going back and forth on the network. All queries involving any such Firewall software will have to be taken to the respective vendors of this software.


General Settings to be done in Server if you are using the software in Multiple Systems (Client-Server software)

  1. Configure idle timeout setting for IIS. You can refer to the tutorial to do this setting.


  1. Set auto close flag OFF for the SQL database.  Please refer to the tutorial to do this setting.


  1. Rebuild index regularly. Tutorial can be referred to know how this can be done.


Note: We strongly recommend you to always work on the latest released version of the software.