Sometimes when you are creating a Receive Payment or Make Payment you are not allowed to save the entry as there is a negative amount in the other pending amount.

These mainly happen due to some edit or delete operations in the software. If you can find out what caused it try to rectify by taking appropriate steps.

But many times due to a large number of data it is not possible to track what caused to have this negative other pending amount.

In such situations, you can follow the below steps to adjust the negative amount by creating a Financial Transaction.

  1. Go to Set-Up à Financial Accounts click on Add Financial Account to create a new account to do the adjustment. You can follow our tutorial to know how a new financial account can be created. You can consult your Accountant to know which Account Type and Group has to be selected while creating a Financial Account.

(Below is just an example)



  1. Go to Financial Transactions and click on Add Financial Account Transaction button.



  1. In the Transaction Amount field enter the same amount that is in negative.




  1. If you are trying to adjust Supplier Other Pending select the Credit account as Supplier Account and newly created account for adjustment as a debit account. Same will be in reverse if you want to adjust negative other pending amount of Customer i.e. Credit account will be adjustment account and the debit account will be Customer account.

(Below is the example for Supplier other pending amount in negative)



  1. Enter the Narration and click on Save or Save & Print.


  1. You can go ahead and check in Make Payment/Receive Payment and see the other pending amount will be zero.


Note: We strongly recommend you to always work on the latest released version of the software.