Sometimes you notice some mismatch in your inventory. Below are some guidelines which can help you to streamline the process of checking this mismatch.

Switched from HDPOS V1 to V2 software along with the previous database restored – If you notice mismatch in the old data that was restored, please note there is a huge change in the data structure from HDPOS V1 to V2 so we cannot confirm what impact it had on your data.

Using HDPOS V2 software or switched from HDPOS V1 to V2 but did not restore the old database backup

  1. Login with all the companies created in software.


  1. If there is any difference in the stock visible in the billing screen and in Manage Stock, logging with all companies will give you complete details and correct data.


  1. Sometimes a lot of simultaneous transactions does not update your stock so you can go to        Set-Up à Manage Stock and press Ctrl+Shft+Double click on List of Warehouses text. If there is any stock that was not updated earlier will get updated now.


  1. If you notice a difference in your physical stock and stock in the software please go to Set-Upà Stock Ledger, enter all the required details like Company, Warehouse, Item, Date range, and click on View Details. All the Stock In and Stock Out transactions will come up. Check every transaction and find the difference.


You can also refer Set-Up à Stock Transactions to get complete Stock In and Stock Out details of the item.

  1. If you are using the Batch item and notice any mismatch in Stock, go to Set-Up à Manage Stock. Select the Warehouse and item for which you are checking the stock and click on Show Batch Wise Stock Detail.

All the Batch details along with its stock will show up.

In the above example, you can see even though there is 6 quantity of the second batch (M542) the final stock (4) is coming after calculating as per the first batch’s negative quantity (-2). This issue can arise if someone has sold items from a particular batch irrespective of the availability of stock.

  1. If you have closed the database and notice the difference in closing stock of closed database and opening stock of new database, there are chances someone has switched to closed database and made some changes. Please refer to our tutorial to know how close database functionality works.

Note: We strongly recommend you to always work on the latest released version of the software.