Sometimes you might have noticed your item in the billing screen and Item manager is showing as blank. This happens due to the change in item unique name with some field that has blank data. Even if you rectify it will not reflect the changes for previously saved items. You will have to apply the changes to all items.

To resolve this issue you can follow below steps

  1. Go to Set-Up à Items and click on Add/Edit Item.

  1. Click on Item Name Template.

  1. Check if the selected Item Unique name is correct, if you want you can even change the Item Unique name as per your requirement.  For example, if multiple items have the same name you can add the fields from the below list to make the item name unique. And click on Apply to all Items.



  1. A confirmation message will come up, you can click on Yes. It is preferable to take a backup of the database before proceeding further with these changes.



  1. In the Change Item Name With Template window click on Start Update. In the left hand side you will see the successful update message and if there is any error it will show up in the right-hand side section.



  1. An information message All Item names are updated successfully will come up. Click on OK.

  1. Close all the open windows and once you are in Items window click on Search and you can see the change in item name as per Item Name Template selected.