Index Rebuild is done to clean the existing indexes. In simple language when we do some operations in software like delete operation, excel upload of Items, etc there is some blank space created in the database. This can degrade the performance of the software. So Index Rebuild helps in organizing the indexes.

  1. Go to Set-Up à Settings and click on Technical Setting.

  1. Select Database Tab.


  1. If you want the index to rebuild automatically mark the checkbox Auto Rebuild Index.


  1. By default, days will be 7 but if you want you can even change the days and index will rebuild after every specified number of days.


  1. Click on Apply

  1. Instead of Auto Rebuild, you can even manually Rebuild Index whenever necessary by clicking on Rebuild Indexes Now.

Note: When you turn on the “Auto Rebuild Index”, the application will automatically perform rebuild indexes after you launch the application.