1. First thing to check if client is not working and if it is in the same network as that of server is to check if the LAN cable is connected properly (if it is a wired connection)

2. If LAN cable is connected and still the client software is not working, open a command prompt in client computer (You can go to ‘Start’ and search ‘cmd’)

3. Type ping ( here is your server computer’s IP address. To check server’s IP you can open cmd and type ipconfig in server computer. IPv4 Address has to be considered).

4. If it shows pinging IP address go to next step to check further. If it does not ping please check your LAN connection.

5. When you open the software in client computer a dialog box appears to enter ‘Server name’, you can enter IPV4 Address/HDPOSserver or Computer name/HDPOSserver .

(Note: The IPv4 Address and Computer name will be the same which you have found in server computer. To check computer name of server go to ‘Computer’/’This PC’ and right click. Click on ‘Properties’ you will get the Computer name)