1. Go to Set-Up → Items

2. Click on the tool strip button ‘ Export Item List to Excel’.

3. To edit tax name you can enter the new tax name in columns ‘SALESTAXNAME’ and ‘PURCHASETAXNAME’.

4. Out of columns ‘SALESPRICEBEFORETAX’ and ‘SALESPRICEAFTERTAX’ keep any one column as it is and make the other column’s contents blank.

5. To edit the sales price, you can change ‘SALESPRICEBEFORETAX’ or ‘SALESPRICEAFTERTAX’ accordingly.

6. Click on ‘Upload Items’ button from tool strip

7. You will get a warning message to take database backup, click ‘Yes’ to take backup. If you have already saved the backup you can click on ‘No’.

Note: It is recommended to take backup here as there will be bulk changes done to your database

8. A dialog box ‘Select Business Location’ will be open, click on ‘OK’

9. Select the excel file and click on ‘Start Import’. Click ‘OK’ when you get a successful upload message.

10. Close the ‘Import Data For Items’ window.