Close database adds all the closing balance and stock as opening balance and stock in new database. You can follow below steps to close the database:

i. Go to Set-Up → Databases

ii. Click on ‘Close Current Database’ button from tool strip

iii. Select the ‘Closing Date’ till which you want to close the database

iv. ‘Name of Closed Database’ will be automatically entered. If you want, you can change the closed database name.

v. Enter the Description if required (this is not a mandatory field)

vi. Select any of the below checkboxes as per your requirement

  • Bring Documents: This will bring all the pending documents of Sales Invoices, Advance Booking, Held Stock Transfer, Held GRN, GRN entries from current database to new database.
  • Do Not Bring Documents: This will not bring any of the pending documents from current database to the new database. You will not be able to make any payments against pending, receive payments against pending Sales invoices, Sales invoice against advance booking which were made before closing Date.

vii. You will get a message to save database backup. Click on ‘Yes’, select path to save backup, give a name for backup file and save it.

viii. Once the database is closed successfully software will be restarted.